Doll, Preemie & Baby clothes

Welcome to Dorie's-Place!


Hi, I'm Dori, my ebay id is preemie-stuff

my business name is Dorie's-Place

   I make handmade doll, preemie and baby clothes to fit a 2inch tall doll, all the way up to fit a 9 month baby.

   I make them in a variety of colors, with pretty garland trims, and a variety of prints as well, I also make a few different styles of dresses, and am adding new items, like pants, PJs, sleepers, gowns and more.

   I enjoy making clothes for the OOAK clay baby doll sculpts made by various doll artists.

   I have made clothes for  ebay id's: Sabrinasunshine123,  Dolly-street, Jennedolls, Juliearts, Kimrosengarten, dotstinytots, and lots more!!

below are a few examples of some of their dolls in my dresses.

    This site is under construction right now, but i will be working on it as I can, if you are interested in buying an outfit from me before i can get this site done, you can email me at and let me know what size and print outfit you want and I can send you an invoice thru paypal.








DollWorldReborn #1 Artists Directory Winter/Spring 2010 Edition EBook

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